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What Is RadioChimp?

Short Video: Getting Started!
What is RadioChimp?
RadioChimp is a free service that enables you, without the need for any technical knowledge, to send audio e-mail messages, to podcast your own radio show, and embed audio into webpages.

RadioChimp's audio e-mailing (AcousticMail), allows you to record your audio message from a webpage and send it to your friends/colleagues. They receive it as an e-mail, but no attachments included, making it compatible with any e-mail service. The e-mail message includes a link to a webpage where they can hear the AcousticMail Message, and as optional features, a picture of you and a text message are also on the webpage.

Why use AcousticMail?
AcousticMail can be used to send a voice message to someone, when you might not wish (or can't afford) to call their cell phone. Let's say you don't wish to have a live conversation with them, or they're sleeping and you don't wish to wake them. Or, you wish to add a personal touch to a message sent to someone far away? You can also serenade someone in an audio message that's just not the same through email. Ever had someone misinterpret what you've typed because it didn't convey the inflection with which you meant it? Now, you can send them an RadioChimp instead and be understood. Have difficulty typing due to tendinitis or some other disability? Speak your message instead.

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Having your own radio program has never been easier. Not only has podcasting made expensive equipment like transmission towers unnecessary, but RadioChimp has now made creating your own radio program child's play. You no longer need to know how to create an RSS feed, how to turn audio into an MP3, nor do you need to have your own website to host your podcast. RadioChimp now allows you to create your own political show, weekly family update, or any other broadcast you can think of. Your listeners will be able to stream your episodes automatically, when they subscribe to your podcast with iTunes or any other similar podcasting software.

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Embed Audio
Have you ever seen playable audio inserted in a webpage? Have you ever wished you could embed audio into your own webpage or blog? RadioChimp makes it easy. Just record your audio with the aid of RadioChimp's recording applet, and RadioChimp will provide you with the code to use in your webpage or blog.
Here's an example:

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What are the requirements to use RadioChimp?
All you need is a computer with a built-in or attached microphone, an internet connection, and an e-mail account. RadioChimp is web-based, there are no downloads requred.

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